if your monitor’s on fire, don’t throw water on it!

Support happens, and we’re here to help you figure out any and all the tech problems you throw at us, from your cup holders not functioning to reassigning exchange message store database entries from corrupted physical device blocks to cross-domain real-time implementations with a near 0% loss of business functionality. Got all that?

Support & Downloads

Email Support

Email support is available to answer general questions, as well as to schedule other support options. To open an email support ticket, Click Here. You’ll be directed to our contact form, where you’ll be able to contact us via email. Emails are generally answered same day, often faster.


Telephone support is available to new and existing customers, based on your support issue. We welcome questions, and will make every reasonable effort to help you. You may call us during regular business hours at 803.462.4199. After Hours support is also available, but may incur additional charges. You will be informed if your call is subject to support charges.

Onsite Support

Onsite Support is an option for Service Contract clients, as well as anyone needing onsite help with computer or other technical issues. To schedule an onsite support visit, simply call or email us, or contact us via any of our other support options. We’ll schedule your issue based on urgency and issue description. Onsite visits do incur hourly service and support charges, unless otherwise discussed at the time of your support request. For questions or clarification, please speak with a TCS Team Member.

In Store Support

In Store Support is always an option during regular business hours. No appointments are necessary, but advance calling will often help secure you a spot in our Tech Bay. We can help you with virtually any technology need, from Warranty support, to special parts and sales. We also offer full service repair for a wide variety of Notebook and Desktop brands, Printers, Wireless devices, and more. If you are unsure of the problem, or if it’s even worth fixing, give us a call, and we can do our best to help you make that determination.

Corporate Client and Non-Profit Support

We passionately believe in helping small business, and supporting Non-profits in our community. As such, we focus heavily on support for corporate clients. We’re the IT department when you can’t afford your own. We monitor servers, field employee support needs, and make sure things are running more smoothly than they have a right to be! We’re focused on affordable support options for our clients, and we believe in proactive support to eliminate issues, often before they rear their ugly heads and cause productivity hours and dollars lost. If you would like to know more, contact us or give us a call at 803.462.4199. We’re here to help, and we’re only a phone call away.

Web Design and Online Solutions

This really belongs on our sister site, MianoVision, but we put it here as well, to keep you in the know! Our team of talented web solution providers can help your small business flourish online. With e-commerce solutions, corporate branding and identity strategies, informational portals, and so much more under our belts, we can help forge a solution that’s right for you. Visit us at MianoVision Consulting and Technology to learn more.