store services

At TCS, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. If a pile of circuits is giving you trouble, chances are we can help. Here is a list of our most common requests:
  • Computer Diagnostics – $50.00
    When you’re computer is running slow, bring it in to TCS for some TLC. We know all the tricks of the trade to optimize your computer so it runs as fast as possible.
  • Computer Tune up- $50.00
    We’ve all heard the complaints. What once was fast is slow again, and a tune-up can help! We’ll update your OS, putting in patches and security fixes so things are nice and current. We’ll also update some of the most vulnerable programs that might be putting you at risk online. Then we wrap it up by optimizing your machine, turning off all those pesky start-up programs that bog you down, and tweak things up for good measure.
  • Laptop Repair – Varies
    Although many places refuse to do it, at TCS, we’re laptop experts. Broken LCD? Loose power plug-in? We can open it up and easily deal with the problem at hand.
  • Malware, Virus, & Spyware Removal – Varies: $100.00 – $150.00
    Icky bugs and viruses getting your computer sick? Whether your computer needs a shot of penicillin or an operation from our PC surgeons, we can get it healthy and back in your home in no time flat.
  • Data Recovery – $100.00
    The first step when calling tech support is often “Format your Hard Drive”. Before you lose years of resumes, financial data, and pictures of loved ones, bring it in for backup where we can save all of your precious files on the media of your choice. You’ll want to bring something to put your precious bits on, or we have stuff here you can buy. We can copy your data to flash drives, solid state drives, hard drives, little fluffy clouds, or even stone tablets if you’re that old school. And unlike most other computer repair centers, we don’t limit you to a few gigabytes of precious data. We’ll copy as much or as little as you need. Remember, “exactly how you want it” is our motto!
  • Fresh OS Install – $150.00
    Don’t bother yourself with the boring task of reinstalling windows. Not only do you risk data loss, you have better things to be doing. Our job at TCS is to get you back to Zuma, Word, or your application of choice without hurting your head or your wallet.
  • Full System Reimage – $230.00
    One of our most popular service offerings. When Windows is too infected, or broken to repair (Yes, that goes for Linux or OSX too) We’ll make a forensic image of your hard drive, back up your data, and put a new clean fresh shiny copy of your operating system on, update it with the latest security and functionality updates, and then put your data back on so you can get back to it. We’ll even reinstall any apps you provide us, to take the hassle out of getting back online.
  • New Computers – Varies
    When you’re just fed up with your sluggish old computer, come into TCS for information and pricing of upgrades or replacements. Any of our techs would be glad to sit down with you and determine what computer best suits your needs.