Fun new item

You are really going to want one of these.  They are new.  They are hot.  They are the “NEW HOTNESS”! All your friends are going to get one. You know they will.  So don’t be a dufus and go ahead and get one before they do!  They will want.

The New Hotness  1 moneys
[wp_cart:new hotness:price:1.00:end]





Older Item

Well if you still want one of the older codes (they still check out), then we still offer the Old ‘n Busted.  We understand that somethings are classics. This is not one of those things, however. We just put this here for those of you who cannot let go. I mean, really? It was good, but the New Hotness is better. For realz it has all these new features:

  • It’s new
  • It’s Hot
  • It’s NEW HOTNESS for crying out loud

Old ‘n Busted $one moneys
[wp_cart:Old ‘n Busted:price:1.00:var1[Size|small|large|Eric]:var2[Colour|Red|blue|zombie]:end]





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