Magic: The Gathering Avacyn Restored Prerelease!

Come to That Computer Store April 28-29 and win promos, packs, and prizes galore!



But I wanna play before it comes out!

Go to the Avacyn Restored Prerelease and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale! You will also receive an exclusive promo card (Moonsilver Spear) while supplies last!
What happens there?

When you show up at a Prerelease you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards in the following formats:


Sealed Deck: Each player receives six Avacyn Restored booster packs to use for building a deck.

Two-Headed Giant Sealed: Each team of two players receives eight Avacyn Restored booster packs to use for each player to build a deck.

Open the Helvault: Players will have the opportunity to help break the seals during the Prerelease using their achievement cards. Space is limited, so be sure to preregister!



What  do I get? I want stuff!

Players will get two booster packs for each event as a thank you for registering. This is in addition to packs used for the event itself, so register for each event to get a ton of boosters! While supplies last, players will also receive the Moonsilver Spear promo card. Because supplies are limited, we ask one promo card per player. You’ll also get an Achievement Card, which is a great way to test your prowess against other players, and will also be used to break the seals to unleash the Helvault! We’re also going to be giving away game time, food and drink, gift cards, and more, so register for multiple events to really rack up!


What’s it gunna cost me? Can I get boosters by the box?

Registration is $25.00 per event. Call the store at 803.462.4199 to pre-register. Hurry, space is limited! Register for multiple events, so you can get the free boosters, as well as other great prizes!


Wait, what? Boosters by the box?


Here’s an offer that’s sure to please! The first 20 people to preorder or purchase a Magic: The Gathering Avacyn Restored booster box at That Computer Store, you will receive an Alternate Art Premium Silverblade Paladin promo card! Remember, this offer is limited to the first 20 people per store who either preorder or purchase a full booster box before the May 4th deadline!