tell em about the twinkie, ray…

We’re an odd bunch over here, but it’s our uniqueness that makes us different (or crazy… you decide), and a heck of a lot of fun to be around. Want to know more about us? Read on…

About the Company

How’d That Computer Store Start?

That Computer Store, a MianoVision Company, was the Brain Child of a wily band of stalwart technophiles. Tired of the view of “Computer Store as technological cavern of intimidation” they set out to build a store that was both friendly and appealing to the young and old, male and female and everyone in between. What emerged exceeded even their expectations. That Computer Store is located in Harbison, South Carolina, just minutes from Columbia’s downtown, via Interstate 26. Nestled in the same shopping center as Total Wine, and Crunch Fitness, TCS Team Members slave away to take the mystery out of computing.

Whether your needs are repair for your existing (or in many cases, new) PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or even Linux PC (Yes, we said it… Linux! Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux!) we can and will accommodate you to the best of our abilities. We also build our own line of hand built custom computer systems, aggressively priced with performance in mind. To learn more about the business side of That Computer Store, visit our sister site where you can learn about our host of services for individuals, small businesses, and non-profits.

Our crew of castaways is varied and diverse, but rest assured we are all experts in our field. Collectively, we’ve had over one hundred years experience with business consulting, PC repair, Linux and Mac support, Web Design, and so much more.

About Our Team Members
  • Stephen Miano
    Owner & President, Party Leader
    Head Amazing Server and Support Technician, Lead Vocalist, TV Personality, Red Wizard.
  • Ben Bardin
    Assistant Ops Manager, Cafe Administrator, Gaming Expert
    The lifeblood of TCS. Level 20 White Wizard.
  • Tony Huggins
    TCS Team Member, Game Side Master
    Enjoys long walks on the beach, White Scars, and gourmet food cooked in the back of the store.
    “I couldn’t think of a quote that wasn’t too corny.”
  • Ben Collinsworth
    TCS Team Member
    Loves Zelda more than anything. Loves Link more than Zelda.
  • Alexa Miano
    Game Side Master, Professional Painter
    Hobbyist extraordinaire. Black Widow, Plays Eldar, Level 10 Monk.
  • India Minor
    TCS Team Member
    Tech Bay Minion. Hard Working Woman. May or may not be part machine.
  • Brendan Canon
    TCS Team Member in Training
    “The New Guy”
  • Tashina Williams
    TCS Team Member, Mother hen, Actually from Idaho
    2 Years late for work. Hurry up and get here, girl!
    “Yes, Idaho really IS a place!”