To our valued friends, guests, and gamers.
So You Stink

We've had some complaints regarding customer funk (and I'm not talking groovy music), and must enact a stricter policy regarding customer cleanliness. Gaming is hard, treacherous, smelly, nasty, grody, sweaty work. So make sure you come in as squeaky clean as possible.

So if a team member red cards you, please don't take offense. We all have to do our part to smell like roses.

We are S.C.U.M

Hey there, Sports Fans! TCS is sponsoring an official Blood Bowl league! The South Carolina Union of Misfits (S.C.U.M) Pre-Season Kickoff Event starts soon, so ask one of our team members what you need to do to get started.

Coach's Discount
Become a Coach before Oct. 25th

Are you coaching a BloodBowl team this season? Well you're in luck. Coaches get a huge 20 percent discount off the BloodBowl Season 2 box while supplies last. From now to the end of the season grab your box with all it's amazing goodies. The value of the box is immeasurable and will ensure you have everything you need for you and a buddy to get your game on.

Need to hydrate or eat a snack?
Grab a cold one and some chips!

Drinks range in price from $1.00 to $3.00 and our food options range from snacks up to full meals. Check out our loaded snack corner for something sweet or savory and don't forget about our deep freezer with awesome things like hot pockets and fried rice. Gotta keep your energy up for all that gaming!

Starting approx. 6 p.m.

Come back into the store on Friday nights and play magic in any of your preferred formats. From standard to commander and beyond, you can learn to play the game or attempt to conquer your enemies. Play powerful spells and summon amazing beasts to bring you victory. We also run events focused around community and fun that we would love to see you at. Ask a team member about Gamers Council and keep up to date on these awesome events.

Join Us
Come see us at Soda City Comic Con Oct. 30 & 31st.