exactly how you want it

Yea, we fix that!

Image of a broken iPhone 7 smartphoneHow is it that they can put people on the moon, but they can’t make smart phone screens last? How about this, we’ll let NASA handle the space stuff, and we’ll cover you on Earth. Smartphone screen cracked? We can fix that. Charging port damaged? We can fix that. Bad hard drive? We can… well, I think you see the trend. We’ve been helping people in the Irmo and surrounding areas for over 11 years, and we’ll be here to help you too! We’ve got you covered on all bases, and we speak human, to boot. So relax, kick back, grab a drink; we’ve got this.

If you have problems with your smart phone, dumb phone, computer, tablet, waffle iron, or other technology devices, you can bring them to us, and we’ll do our best to unravel the ties that bind, and put your PC or peripherals on the path to the performance fast track. Our TCS Teammates are trained and ready to help you replace your iPhone screen, recover your data, wipe out pesky viruses, and tune-up your rig and have it purring like a kitten (or even quieter, if that’s what you’re into). That Computer Store is your home for all things technology. When the other guys break your stuff, we’ll fix it right! So come get the fast and friendly service you deserve, exactly how you want it!!!

iPhones, MacBooks, Windows Computers, and more?

Don’t let new technology or software freak you out! We can make it simple!

MacBook pro and red moleskine notebook on a deskWe have a lot of people ask if we work on Macs. And yes, many days you’ll see more Apple devices than Windows machines. Be it damaged hardware from an ill fated drop, or a solid state upgrade to really amp up the performance, we do it all. Need help tracking your iPhone, or setting security to keep your kids safe? We’re there for you. If you have Windows 10 questions, come to the team at That Computer Store. Let us be your Windows 10 lifeline

Did you know we fix smart devices too? Cracked screens, tablet troubleshooting, and more. Call or come in for help, and we’ll do our best to make it fast and painless. If you’re not sure if it is worth it just give us a call at 803.462.4199 and a member of our TCS Team will be happy to answer your questions. And did you know we’re open late? We’re here until 8 p.m. or later to help cater to your busy schedule!

Upcoming Events

Events are on hold during the Apocalypse, but we deliver!

Warhammer 40K Sisters of BattleWhile we are still open for business on the Tech Side, we are not currently holding regularly scheduled game nights or tournaments. That doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had though! We’ll be announcing some Socially Distant events soon, including our Game Side Hobby Paint Challenge! Currently events are listed on our facebook page at https://facebook.com/thatcomputerstore. While the world is on pause, so are our Game Stations, as but when things return to normal, we invite you to return to our gaming desktops to help you get your gaming fix with games like Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars: Legion, Overwatch, Fortnight, Apex: Legends, League of Legends, and more. So for now, stay safe and hone your skills, because we’re going to back to normal soon, and we expect you to be ready to get your game on, only at That Computer Store! Don’t forget to ask about the millions of promotions for free game time so you can try it out free!