Leave it to the Team at TCS to come up with the best loyalty and reward program ever. EVER. Gain XP for your purchases, complete quests, or unlock achievements to get rewards. Free game time, food, snacks, discounts and more! With our patented PowerUp system YOU get to choose how you get rewarded! Come by That Computer Store to get your MultiPass and start reaping the rewards for being one of the cool kids! (or adults. Adults are cool too. But only if you have a multipass.)

With our revolutionary MultiPass you can unlock discounts of up to 15% for Warhammer, Warmachine and Hordes, Star Wars games, Café Game time, and even world peace! (World peace is a limited time offer and may expire at any time.)

And for a limited time, you can get our super ultra triple mega limited GamerBuff! Get these at TCS events and power up your game day. With a gamer buff you can unlock a one time bonus.

Emperor’s Gift: A single 10% discount on any gaming or hobby item in the store. Buffs can stack with XP discounts, but only up to a total discount of 15%. Some restrictions apply.

Warrior’s Respite: This buff offers two free hours of game time to be added to the recipient’s account. It can also be used to discount a single day pass by $8.00.

Supply Drop: This buff is good for a single candy or chip item, plus a beverage. Some restrictions apply.